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Smart Upgrades That You Want To Install In Your New Home

It’s a pleasure to build the new home. When you do it, you get a chance to include everything you have been imagining about your dream home. You will certainly want your builder to comply with the demands you have but then you will also have to look at the resources you have got. It is also about the requirements. When you plan on living in a house for not very long time, you will just want basic upgrades to be installed because an elaborate plan will be more like a waste of money. But if you have built your home and you plan to live in it for a long time, it is worth installing every upgrade that you have a desire for.

Having that said, the way you want upgrades to be installed is another matter of discussion. For instance, you can let the upgrade installation be the part of mortgage. In that case, the builder who would construct your home will get the responsibility to install upgrades too. But if you can plan for it later on, you might have to keep this project away from your mortgage. It means that you will have to hire another builder, and that you will have to pay money from your pocket.

At whatever time you want the upgrades installed, there are some ideas about the upgrades that you might need more than any others. Below is a bit of detail in this regard.

The stairs

Stairs are included in the documents which are submitted to the local county before construction is started. Hence, you get fair amount of time to decide about the types of stair you want to be the part of your home. You can discuss it with your builder. Normally, the stairs usually consist of wood panels which are further covered by a long rug which is attached to the stairs using adhesive. Here, you can ask your builder to use strong wood after discussing and finalizing about the types of stairs.


Light bulbs are generally inexpensive to purchase, but when it comes to installation, it becomes a totally different story. After you home has been constructed and you now you find out that you want to upgrade the lighting, it would not be a hassle-free practice at all. The technician will drill holes to install lighting and new switches. So, if you have a lighting plan, discuss it with your builder and get it installed while your home is being built.

Tub and shower

Tub and shower are installed in every home by the builder. But you have got to decide about the type of tub and shower you want to install. If you see the current installation is not according to your requirements or desire, you can certainly ask for the change but that will come at a cost. Furthermore, it will require the job of sledgehammer for the removal of current installation in order to make way for the new one.

Radiant floor heating

Radiant floor heating is amazing, especially for the floor in bathroom where you wouldn’t want to step on the cold tile. But again, you will have to include it in your wish list before tiles are installed.

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